Boomtown Productions

Established as a joint venture between Mostafa Bin Abdullatif LLC and Mr. Shane Martin, one of the leading directors in the field of advertising, Boomtown Productions is focused on servicing the advertising industry in the following three areas:

Production: From script development to the final post-production, Boomtown Productions focuses on value and not just cost. It is committed to discover and develop outstanding local and international talent, giving it a unique agility. Boomtown’s editing suites house the latest post-production technology.

“…focused on servicing the advertising industry.”

Production Servicing: With an internationally experienced team of producers, editors, support staff on the ground in Dubai, it is able to provide a full range of local services throughout the Middle East. As an international production company, it is committed to finding and adding value at every stage of production from storyboard to final approval.

Post-Production: Boomtown Productions has two fully equipped edit suites, one based around the AVID DS system and the other based on Final Cut system. Edit suites are equipped with Final Cut Pro for offline and AVID DS V10 for compositing online and stereoscopic 3D editing.