MALCO Maintenance LLC

MALCO Maintenance LLC was legally established in the UAE in 2013. However, the activities of this entity span over decades as this facility was responsible for the upkeep of all the property developed by the Group.

The Company offers an extensive array of services such as carpentry, air conditioning maintenance, mechanical, electrical and plumbing services as well as general refurbishment of apartments and villas. A new addition to this entity is the landscaping and swimming pool construction and maintenance unit which offers our client a one stop option for all their landscaping requirements.

“…striving to keep properties in pristine condition.”

Today these services are offered to both the Group properties as well as outside real estate developers and landlords.

MALCO Maintenance LLC provides services on an annual contract basis as well as one-off general maintenance services for its clients. This entity strives to keep the properties in its domain in pristine condition so that residents enjoy their time without the hassle of the upkeep of their properties.