The New Store

The New Eastern Store was established in 1962 with one retail outlet in Dubai. From humble beginnings The New Store, as it later became known, has flourished during the last 50 years and now represents a broad assortment of global brands. The New Store is part of the larger Mostafa Bin Abdullatif LLC.

“…a reputation synonymous with outstanding in store execution.”

The Braun Company was the first to recognise the value of a long term partnership. The New Store has been the exclusive distributor for Braun in the United Arab Emirates since 1971. Since then the portfolio has grown to include iconic brands such as, Oral B (Power Brushing), Honeywell (Purifiers, Heaters and air-conditioning), Leifheit (household laundry and cleaning), Vicks (Humidifiers, personal inhalers), KAZ (Blood pressure monitors and Ear Thermometers), Soehnle (Personal and kitchen weighing scales) and more recently a direct association with The DeLonghi company to name a few.

We distribute to and cover all major channels of distribution across the U.A.E.

• Hypermarkets

• Supermarkets
• Independent and Electro Retail chains
• Pharmacy
• Wholesalers
• Business to Business with the lead brand of Soehnle

Whilst our name and reputation is synonymous with outstanding in store execution across multiple retail channels it was in 2004 that The New Store went back to its roots with the opening of the first ever Braun focused boutique in the world. The boutiques were designed to offer consumers and shoppers an opportunity to view the full Braun portfolio, touch and feel the product and gain insight into the products features and benefits from well trained and passionate sales staff.

The opening of the first boutique in Dubai and its early success prompted a second outlet opening in Abu Dhabi during 2005. In 2012 and in line with changing trends, we have recently modernised the retail outlets with a strong beauty focus.

The Dubai boutique is located in the Jumeriah Centre on Beach Road whilst the Abu Dhabi boutique has moved to Al Whada Mall, the newest up and coming mall in Abu Dhabi, opening as recently as January 26th 2013.

As with our parent company our success has been driven by our proud heritage and the fact that we do not engage in business that can be deemed as purely speculative or contravening our operational beliefs. We believe that in conducting our business based on this model we have the basis to continue to succeed.

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